my hometown 写两篇英语作文,以“My hometown”为题目,内容要不一样

my hometown 写两篇英语作文,以“My hometown”为题目,内容要不一样 My hometown is a very beautiful city.There are many friendly people.No

my hometown 写两篇英语作文,以“My hometown”为题目,内容要不一样

写两篇英语作文,以“My hometown”为题目,内容要不一样

My hometown is a very beautiful city.There are many friendly people.Nobody can have a big fight here.There are also many scenic spots.The scenic spots in different seasons show different kinds of scenery.Lt is the great man Deng Xiaoping’s hometown.

Every year there are many tour risitsthere.If you have time .Please come to my hometown.You will surprise for your seeing.


My home is in a town.It lies in the east of Zhejiang near the East SeA.It has a population of fifty thousand.Our town is in the south of our county.The Ease Sea is to the east of the town.To the south is flat land.Mountains are on the west.And a river runs from north to south in the west of my town.

The weather here is good.It is not so cold in winter or so hot in summer.So the sea near my town is full of all sorts of fish.The fishermen of my home town are all living a happy life


In the east of China,there is a small city—Haimen.I was born there.Today,I am telling you about my hometown.Haimen is not far from Shanghai.It’s at the mouth of the Changjiang River.Haimen is a modern city.There are lots of high buildings in it.Most of us live in flats.We like to live in flats because we can be close to our friends.In the center of Haimen,there are many shops.You can buy some nice things here.Things in most shops aren’t expensive.You can pay a little money and they are yours.My hometown is a beautiful city.On each of the roads,there are some big trees and nice flowers.The roads are also very clean.They make people happy and comfortable.The seasons here are very nice.I like autumn best.It’s neither hot nor cold.A poem says “Flyer of summer come to my window to sing,then fly away.And yellow leaves of autumn,which have no songs,just fall there with a sign.” It’s very cool.I love Haimen.It’s a nice place to live.Welcome to my hometown.


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